Name the Teammate is an exciting new app that makes youth sports more fun by identifying and connecting players on the field with their biggest fans in the stands, parents!


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From soccer to baseball to football or lacrosse, the Name the Teammate app puts team information at a parent’s fingertips so that it’s easier to follow and enjoy their children’s sporting events.

Name The Teammate is simple, efficient and safe. With each parent’s permission, a team administrator inputs the names and jersey numbers of each player on a team so that every parent has an updated roster for every game. Parents on the opposing team can also opt-in so that fans on both sides can follow the game and players on the field more closely. To help keep teams and busy parents organized, the app also includes a calendar that keeps track of practice and game schedules with a link to Google maps for directions to each field.

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How to Set it Up


Name the Teammate is an easy to use app that identifies and connects players on the field with their biggest fans in the stands. Simply go to and download the app for your Apple or Android phone. The app is easy-to-use and puts a customized team roster with detailed event information right at your fingertips.

Coaches and Team Managers:

Go to and download the app on your phone. Then, go to and log in to register as your team’s Administrator. You will receive a username and password via email that will allow you to log in manage all team, player and event information directly from the dashboard located on the left of the home screen.

Administration Management:

Additional users may be assigned access to events by going to Administrator Management in the dashboard. You will need to create and email a password for each new administrator.


Click on Events to add, edit or delete games for your team’s season. Complete all the form fields with an event name, date and time. A team image (jpeg 1920 x 810 pixels is recommended) can be uploaded. Once an address for the game has been entered, Google Maps will automatically pick up the location and provide directions. To edit an existing event, simply click on the event. The eye, x and pencil icons will allow you to view, delete or edit event information. To input a final score, click on the score icon.

Team Info:

Select the Team Info option to add, edit or delete names of teams and players for each event.


The Information link on the dashboard allows the administrator to edit the “Need Help” screen that appears underneath the city on the Name the Teammate home screen.


Select Scoreboard from the dashboard to view and edit scores of current or past games.

Parents and Players:

Once the Name the Teammate app has been downloaded, choose a city from the dropdown menu. Select Today, Future or Past events at the top of the screen to access team, venue and player information for current, upcoming and past events in your area.

Once you have selected your event, you can choose the View Player Info tab to access information of players on each team.

You can choose View Scores to view score information.

Choose Enter Player Info to input your player name, gender, team name, coach’s name, shirt number and position and click submit.

To upload a player photo, simply click the face icon at the top of the screen.

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